Because I saw these earrings on Pinterest…

These earrings are adorable.  And I saw them on Pinterest.  And I followed the links back to Amazon, and thought, yeah, I need to look for fun pretties on Amazon today.  Aren’t you lucky that I do these things for you?

Angel Wings! So light and delicate!









These are great for everyday wear!

This is a gorgeous pendant!

In a feather mood today, obviously!!
















Enough with the silver (and feathers? Who doesn’t love feathers?)… Time for some color in here!  It is going to be spring soon!  That means color!



This is ready for SPRING!

I love the Missoni look of this owl.

This a statement RING!!

This is such a nice spring/summer ring!

So bright and CHEERY!! Also, CHERRY!! bwahahaa

I love these peacock earrings. I haven't seen anything like them before!


My birthstone! And it's great color for SPRING!























































If you haven’t checked out Amazon for jewelry (or shoes)( or anything, really) – you definitely should!  I’m always surprised at the fun things I can find on there.  You also can create a wishlist, in case you want to give ideas to a special someone….

If you do click on the pictures, it will take you to Amazon.  If you buy anything while there, I do get a little referral bonus.  But that’s it!  They haven’t paid me to write about them.  I just have TONS of experience with Amazon, and have never had a bad experience.









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